World Formula Apps

World Formula Apps:
“We help business, industry, institutions, and political leaders make a quantum leap in their decisions and minimize risk, where complexity challenges clarity and foresight”.

What’s Changed:
With the increase in geopolitical and socioeconomic interference toward western democratic countries via digital communication there is a heightened risk to destabilization by such means. Further the increase in artificial intelligence capabilities will make these attacks increasingly more complex and difficult to counter and threaten global stability and global democratic leadership. In 2017 our chief scientist unified quantum mechanics and general relativity (a 103 year old problem) and subsequently wrote two books providing ~1000 pages of mathematical proofs and deviations to established, well tested theories, the first book quietly published last year with no promotion and the second releasing in September 2020. We kept quiet for stealth reasons while we established the mathematical framework to solve the most complex problems as a general solution. This general solution is the basis for artificial general intelligence (AGI) within a neural network and is of worldwide significance.

What we do:
Computers are used everyday to make predictions, likely you used these predictions to make your way to a vacation or business destination via your trip planner app, you looked at the weather forecast, traffic and so on. But the biggest challenges have still not been met, such as the really complex problems to do with health, socioeconomics, geopolitics, crisis management and conflict avoidance.The computing power and software simply cannot account for the uncertainty and randomness of the unknowns with accurate predictions, or, can it calculate problems fast enough or with enough foresight to find innovative solutions.

World Formula Apps has now changed that with both a software and hardware solution that tackles complexity easily, …. with power and speed never before possible! The software concept has been validated in the field of materials science with great effect to solving complex design challenges for automotive and aerospace applications involving friction and wear. It even came up with a solution that was not asked, but related to the problem we were trying to solve. The mathematics has already been leveraged in other fields to solve percolation problems in pharmaceuticals and coastal erosion challenges for local governments. We can even demonstrate how this can be leveraged for fusion energy and battery technology development.

We built a mathematical framework to solve complex geopolitical and socioeconomic challenges and are looking for early adopters, organizations and governments who are excited about the problems this can be applied to in order to provide trustworthy predictions, policy directions and innovative solutions not otherwise possible.

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