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Supervisory Management Skills Program: Managing Employee Relations

Minimize interpersonal conflict, understand labour relations and improve the overall employee/ employer relationship through positive employee development.

Employee relations involves maintaining a positive employee/employer relationship that contributes to employee productivity, motivation, and morale. This module explores how supervisors can best resolve workplace conflicts and employ the best practices of employee development.

The Managing Employee Relations module is built around five core topic areas:

  1. Conflict Management and Resolution explores the types of conflict encountered in the workplace and teaches strategies for effective conflict resolution. Master conflict resolution focused communication practices and techniques.
  1. Engaging and Motivating Employees defines leadership and guides participants through the various leadership styles to choose the style that is best suited to their leadership strengths, the values of the organization and the employees they supervise.
  1. Understanding Workplace Harassment and Stress addresses workplace mistreatment (including incivility, harassment, bullying, and ostracism) in terms of the causes, impacts, and ways to help prevent it that go beyond simply policy.  In addition, participants will learn specific techniques to help reduce stress to help reduce some forms of mistreatment but also to help with recovery.
  1. Leading Organizational Change provides strategies to guide others through the change transition process and create understanding, acceptance and buy-in of the change. Be able to lead your team through change with confidence and assurance.
  1. Employment Law for Supervisors teaches the essential employment laws that protect the rights of your employees to create a better employee/employer relationship. Be able to know and enact your employee’s rights when required.

You may be eligible for funding for training through the Canada Newfoundland Job Grant Program. Contact our Professional Development Training Advisor to learn more about this opportunity.