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Hacking Health Cafe: Let’s Talk Stroke



1200-1400 people in this province have a stroke each year – join us to talk about challenges and solutions.

About this Event

Do you have an interest in problem-solving? Are you a human? No prior experience in the healthcare field required. Join Hacking Health St. John’s for our Fall Café on Tuesday, October 23rd, from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Faculty of Medicine.

Connect with a multi-disciplinary team of citizens, healthcare professionals, hackers, programmers, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators as we challenge participants to think about solutions for pressing healthcare problems.

In this fall Café, we’re focusing on stroke. One person dies in Canada every five minutes from heart conditions, stroke or vascular cognitive impairment. This outpaces other diseases; 13% more people die of heart conditions, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment than die from all cancers combined. In Newfoundland & Labrador, we have the highest incidence and poorest outcomes in Canada.

The burden of heart conditions, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment on the health care system is already immense. Stroke costs the Canadian economy $3.6 billion a year in physician services, hospital costs, lost wages and decreased productivity.

Join us for conversations and problem solving challenges related to stroke.

Refreshments will be served to all participants.

Special thanks to our partners for this event:

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship.

6:00 PM
8:00 PM
Memorial University
Faculty of Medicine
St. John's NF Canada