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Conflict Management and Resolution

Reduce the occurrence of conflict to cultivate healthier, constructive work relationships and office environments.

Conflict can produce negative and toxic outcomes for workplaces, undermining interpersonal relationships and teams. This interactive seminar will build participant awareness of what leads to conflict, illustrating how to prevent conflict before it escalates. By practicing communication skills specifically designed to resolve conflict and applying a four-step resolution model, participants will be able to manage conflict with confidence and clarity. This training features direct practice, individual reflection, group discussion and real-world conflict scenarios, leading to a interactive and enriching learning experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define types of conflict and how conflict can form.
  • Examine conflict management personality styles.
  • Practice resolution techniques to deal with misunderstandings, which are often at the root of many conflicts.
  • Assess how introspection and mindful listening can lead to resolution.
  • Practice proven resolution focused communication skills.
  • Apply a four-step conflict resolution model and tool to manage a current conflict.